December 7, 2021
December 7, 2021

Shyamasundar: “Nanda Kumar’s very tired. Last night, on the plane from New York, that
Charlie Chaplin film kept us up all night. [laughter]” Prabhupada: “Hm. That was nice.
[laughter] He is really funny man. [laughs] All his comic play has got some originality, that is
the beauty. How he invented! [laughs] As sober man, he will not pay. But as a drunkard, ‘I will
pay. You are my lifelong friend. Whatever you want, you take.’” [laughs]…When
Prabhupada laughed like that, he got on an unstoppable roll; when his eyes shut tight with
hilarity and mouth pulled so wide you thought his face would split, he appeared like a ten-
year-old child surrendered to happiness.